Palo Azul Tea was created in 2014 by a dedicated and intelligent group of Nerds from Austin, Tx. who all happen to specialize in botanical science and natural detoxification. 

             Our team knows the hardships of being in the situation you're in. Just because someone wishes to live a happier, healthier life doesn't make it okay to take advantage of that person by charging them $100+ to cleanse their body with some chemical detox that ends up hurting them, not helping. We take a stand against corporations who lack social responsibility due to greed.  Our product is made available for the common man and woman for as low as $6.99, and we even have some sweet deals if you want to buy bulk. This product is great for your entire body. Palo Azul Tea encourages you to give it a try and see for yourself. Then you'll see why 10,000 other people did the same thing you did.