Removes Toxins

        We all have those moments when the time to DETOX is NOW. Palo Azul Tea has been praised around the world for it's uncanny ability to rid the body of toxins, eliminate kidney stones, and fight Urinary Tract, Kidney and Bladder infections. We've had doctors look into the science behind this, and this is the feedback we're getting.. Palo Azul Tea contains a negative charged alkaloid that draws/pulls out toxins in your blood and urinary tract system. Similar to how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to pull toxins out of the air. A negative charge PULLS. The alkaloids use their negative charge to bond onto and eliminate toxins in your body, Kidneys, Urinary tract and Bladder. Palo Azul Tea is a 100% natural way to cleanse your body. We've helped over 10,000 people from around the world and that number is growing!! Give us one shot and see for yourself!...


                                        Ease Kidney, Bladder, and U.T.I Pain. 

     Many of us just suffer from a bad pH within our body. On top of that most of us lack electrons. Your body NEEDS electrons to metabolize energy and stay healthy. Unfortunately, as the days go by, you lose electrons. This causes your body to become stressed, tired, weak, unable to fight off illness, and often times depressed..  But it doesn't have to be this way. There are certain plants that contain electrons. Palo Azul Tea is PACKED with electrons... which is why it has such a negative charge. A molecule will naturally be given a negative charge when it contains more than your average amount of electrons. 

      Palo Azul Tea basically does the job of the kidneys; pH balancing the blood. Which is why the British name for Palo Azul is ''Kidney Wood''.When you drink the tea, your brain immediately senses the negative charge within the Palo Azul and then sends a signal to your kidneys saying ''You don't have to work so hard today''... and therefor, the pressure is taken off of your kidneys. 



      Empty the contents of 1 - 5 bags (depending on your weight) of Palo Azul Tea into a metal or ceramic pot with 1 1/2 gallons (that's one and a half gallons) of water and bring to a medium boil for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes of boiling you should be left with about a gallon of Palo Azul Tea with a beautiful blue Halo on top.  Remove the pot from the heat and let the Tea cool to your desired temperature.  Remove the wood chips and enjoy your Tea!! Palo Azul Tea has very soft and ancient taste with a natural Tangerine aroma. 
     To rid your body of Toxins simply follow the brewing instructions above and drink the entire gallon of tea (over the course of 24 hours) 24-48 hours before your desired cleanse date. To get a better understanding of the science behind the Tea make sure to read the benefits above. 


        Palo Azul means "Blue Stick" in spanish. It was given its name Centuries ago by the Maya tribe. They called it this because the water turns blue when you boil the tea.  This is caused by the natural healing alkaloids trapped within the bark of the Palo Azul.
Remember that the blue color only exists as a reflection of light , as all color.  Shine a light into the tea to see the blue halo. For maximum blue, let the Palo Azul continue to soak in the water even after you take the pot off the heat to let chill. Let the Palo Azul continue to soak in the water overnight if you want an extremely deep blue and intense flavor.  

                 The first thing people usually notice about our tea is the towering level of quality and effectiveness that defines the Palo Azul Tea brand. Palo Azul Tea was created in April of 2014 by a free-spirited group of really cool nerds from Texas. Spreading awareness and educating the masses while paving the way for a more economical and healthy solution to cleansing your system. No more having to pay $100 for some chemical detox that may cause more harm than good. Imagine a 100% Natural and Organic tea that not only dates back to the Maya tribe, it also rids your body of toxins (and worrying) and is so packed with rare alkaloids and electrons that all your vital organs will benefit from drinking this!  and here's the best part .. Anyone can afford this!! We Literally have specials for as low as the cost of an energy drink. Our Tea is effective on a consistent basis and has become the preferred method of the more "informed" and health conscious crowd.  In fact, Palo Azul Tea has helped improve the quality of peoples lives around the world. Now over 10,000 members strong! Please do not accept any substitutes or fall victim to imitators. If you're not buying Palo Azul Tea directly from this Official Website, then you're selling yourself short.  Our entire staff encourages you to simply give us 1 shot, and we bet you'll find that Palo Azul Tea improves your health and overall quality of life. Click here for some sweet deals.